Nanotechnology is a field involving the manipulation of materials at atomic, molecular and supramolecular scales, typically involving sizes of less than 100nm. The field has already made major impacts on key industrial and tech sectors and looks set to be an essential technology in manufacturing for years to come.

The University of Lincoln is running an online short course on Nanotechnology: Bridging the Gap Between Idea, Innovation and Enterprise.

Run jointly between the schools of Engineering, Chemistry, Pharmacy and Maths & Physics along with input from The Bridge, the event will explore various aspects of nanotechnology, from fundamentals to innovation & enterprise. There will be a strong focus on how nanotechnology can be applied on the creative pipeline of new products.

The workshop is interdisciplinary, with content covering nanotechnologies impact on heritage and the built environment, pharmaceutical delivery, chemical and petrochemical engineering and electrical and mechanical engineering. The workshop is therefore designed for students and graduates from all engineering and built-environment backgrounds and will include key speakers from both industry & academia.

Sessions take place daily from 18th-22nd January 2021. For booking and more information: Click here

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