Today marks another significant step forward in the progress of The Bridge project. While some details of the project are still being finalised, we’ve been putting together a new, temporary website that has now gone live. We’d be delighted to hear comments and feedback.

The website has been designed to be accessible to all and contains lots of information about concept that led to The Bridge, where our expertise lies and the capabilities that we have. We have also got artists impressions of how our new building will look, and details of how your business can benefit from The Bridge, whether that is through joining our growing community or by accessing equipment and expert consultancy.

We’ll be populating a news area of the website with articles, just like this one, whenever something exciting happens – like scientific publications, new funding initiatives, any new equipment and capabilities that we have and details of events that you can find us at. However, we are also hoping to get guest authors write about things that are ongoing in the advanced materials and precision engineering sectors, so if you’d like to contribute then please feel free to get in touch.

In time, we will be incorporating more content, ranging from details of training courses to details of our regular events. We’ll outline application notes and success stories of our work with companies across the Greater Lincolnshire area.

Leave us a comment below if you have suggestions and keep checking back regularly to see our progress.

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