Bridge Facilities

This page is a temporary list of the facilities to be available in The Bridge. At the time of writing, not all of these faciilites are installed or fully operational.

Electron Microscopy

  • Thermo scientific Scios 2 FIB-SEM – Focussed ion beam  / scanning electron microscope
  • Thermo scientific Talos F200i S/TEM – Scanning / transmission electron microscope
  • Sample preparation equipment for the above including precission cut-off saw, sample polisher, plasma cleaners

Optical Microscopy

  • Zeiss Imager M.2m Materials microscope including polarisation, phase, and fluorescence
  • Linkham LN600 heating / cooling stage for the above
  • Two Zeiss Stemi 508 inspection stereo-microscopes

Atomic Force Microscopy

  • AFM Workshop HR-AFM, with 15 and 100 µm scanners, vibrating and non-vibrating modes, magnetic force microscopy (MFM), Electric force microscopy (EFM), image logger, conductive AFM (C-AFM), and motorized optical modules
  • AFM Workshop LS-AFM, with 60 µm scanner, vibrating and non-vibrating modes, coupled with with inverted optical microscope with phase and fluorescence imaging, and heated liqquid cell for room temperature to 60°C operation
  • AFMWorkshop NP-AFM with 60 µm scanner, vibrating and non-vibrating modes, for scanning of samples up to 8 inches (200mm) in diameter
  • AFMWorkshop HR/TT2-AFM prototype

Vibrational Spectroscopy

  • Bruker Vertex FTIR mid and far-infrared spectrometer with liquid nitrogen-cooled detector, gas cell, DRIFTS, ATR accessories,RAM II FT-Raman module
  • Bruker Senterra Raman microscope with 532 and 785 lasers, and external optical probe, and motorized stage

Thermal Analysis

  • Netszch STA-MS and JEOL/Agilent GC-MS. This instrument can also be coupled to the Vertex FTIR for infrared analysis of evolved gases

Mechanical Analysis

  • RTEK MFT-2000 with linear, rotary, and reciprocating modes, scratch testing, and hardness testing, and controllable temperature range from room temperature to 500℃
  • Netsch Dynamic Mechanical Analyser – DMA 242 E Artemis with air cooling for temperature range 10°C to 600°C including sample fixtures for tension, 3 point bending, cantilever and compression testing

Additional Laboratory Spaces

  • Materials synthesis laboratory
  • Materials testing laboratory
  • Category 6 clean room


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