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Tell us about your business, your engineering problems and your scientific research needs. Let’s start a conversation and develop new innovative science.

How it typically works:

  • One-to-one diagnostic consultation:

We will undertake an initial consultative review to identify and discuss where Bridge can use our expertise to offer support, targeted research, or training to help your organisation grow.

  • Project conceptualisation and definition:

With your help, our experts will develop, define, and propose bespoke programmes, with details of project team involved, instrumentation, timescales, and deliverables.

  • Project management and delivery:

Our scientists, engineers, business and academic partners will work on your programmes to deliver the highest quality outcomes, all overseen by our dedicated management and liaison staff.

  • Reporting, closure and future collaboration:

At the end of your project, we will produce a comprehensive report of the outcomes and define opportunities for future collaboration.

Map of Lincolnshire showing the location of Bridge in Lincoln

Bridge Joseph Ruston Building 4 Edgewest Road Lincoln LN6 7EL UK

The University of Lincoln Brayford Pool Lincoln LN6 7TS

+44 (0)1522 201430