The Bridge Advanced Engineering R&D Centre is a collaborative scheme funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Greater Lincolnshire LEP and University of Lincoln.

Working with us

What we do

R&D Projects

Contracted projects with method development in new application areas

Service Projects

Projects transferring existing methods and know-how to analyse new or existing products 

R&D Investigations

Projects requiring multi-stage investigations and creation of dedicated methodologies.


Brokered Projects

Linking businesses to other Universities or industry partners for R&D or service projects.


Conferences & Events

Arranging and facilitating targeted conferences, seminars, special interest groups and networking events.


Delivering CPD for scientists and engineers or bespoke short courses for specific subjects or technologies.

Funding Applications

Seeking support and facilitating co-applications for innovation grants for major collaborative projects.


Kickstarter Funding

Collaborative projects supported by start-up funding, such as innovation vouchers.

Our mission


The Bridge sits at the heart of, and serves, Lincolnshire’s science and technology sector.

We act as a Bridge between businesses, the University of Lincoln and other institutes to enhance the capability of Lincolnshire’s community to compete on the world stage.

We are a self sustaining, not-for-profit facility attracting all sizes of businesses into long term partnerships which strengthen the business community, R&D and research base of Lincolnshire to create a sustainable, high value industrial base.

We provide, expertise, equipment, R&D techniques and research which either does not exist or is fragmented within the region, to enhance the business, inward investment.

The Projected impact of The Bridge includes…

New space for laboratories and interaction

The Bridge will delivery 788 sqm of new, laboratory, training and innovation space through the construction of the new building.

The environment will provide an efficient interface to the materials R&D capabilities of the University of Lincoln and its partner organisations in the commercial sector.

Supporting Businesses in Greater Linconshire

We are committed to supporting 120 new and existing SMEs in the first 3 years of the project. We aim to help establish new jobs in those SMEs and to enable a range of new products to market.

We aim to collaborate directly with many of these companies to begin to build deep, productive relationships between businesses and The Bridge.

Adding value to the local and national economy

The Annual Business Survey 2017 shows that the average GVA per employee, in the manufacturing sector, is £65K per annum.

Jobs created, directly and indirectly, by The Bridge will therefore contribute around £4M over a five year period.

Added value from new products, increased competitiveness and inward investment will add significantly to this estimate.

Steps to engagement

Get in touch now to make an appointment with our experts for a free diagnostic meeting to highlight how we can help your business develop. Let us suggest ways to overcome your barriers in innovation or resource. We’ll deliver high quality research to increase competitiveness.

One-to-One Diagnostic Consultation

For all businesses, we will undertake an initial consultative review, to discuss and identify where The Bridge can use our expertise to offer support, targeted research or training for your organisation to grow. 

Project conceptualised & defined

With your help, our experts will develop, define and document a concerted research project, including details of the personnel involved, instrumentation to be accessed, timescales and deliverables.

Project management & delivery

Academics & doctorally-qualified scientists and engineers will work on your research projects to generate the highest quality data and results, all overseen by our professional, dedicated management and liaison staff.

Reporting, closure or redefine

At the end of the project, we will produce a professional and comprehensive report of the results, we will hold a final dissemination meeting and redefine goals for future research, if relevant.

Networking, conferences and other events

We hold a range of regular events to benefit industry representatives from multiple sectors and from strategic levels to specialist training for individual scientists and engineers. See the non-exhaustive list below.

Technical Seminars

Latest academic developments in materials science and beyond, led by academic and industry experts. These seminars highlight cutting edge research and will given by a mixture of University staff, industry consortium members or invited external speakers. These events are typically free to attend.

Expert Clinics

In these 1-3 day workshops, we introduce key materials science tools and techniques. The workshops are led and presented by academic, industry and instrument manufacturing specialists. If there are particular subjects that you believe would help your business thrive, bespoke workshops can be created for you. Get in touch now.

Instrument Training

Short courses of 0.5-1 day duration on specific pieces of instrumentation. Delivered by an instrument expert user, these course introduce scientists to equipment within our laboratories and are also perfect for upskilling staff as part of their CPD programme. We cover the background to the technique as well as hands-on training to become an established user of specific instruments.

Industry Challenges

We are developing a forum for exchange of ideas, for resolution of problems, for troubleshooting or accessing support. In the future, you will be able to post your challenge for public discussion on our web forums. Alternatively, you can raise your challenge with The Bridge team who will place it within one of our specific themed events.

Grand Challenges

Grand Challenge events will be short, themed conferences that will highlight cross-sector challenges. By enabling discussions in a forum involving multiple disciplines, we will aim to provide step-change solutions to some of our real problems. These events will be led by industry experts by nomination or invitation.

Partner Forum

Participate in the strategic development of The Bridge by joining our consortium of partner companies. Each quarter we hold a series of workshops focusing on how The Bridge can support regional industry and help to develop networks. Companies attending will benefit from networking opportunities and will help shape how we do things in future.

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