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The Building

Bridge to cutting edge facilities

Following £6.2M of funding from the European Union, Greater Lincolnshire LEP, and University of Lincoln, Bridge is a new build, cutting-edge, R&D facility located in the heart of the historic city of Lincoln. The centre consists of 6 bespoke laboratories with dedicated infrastructure and instrumentation, as well as a 40-seat professional development centre.

The building opened in October 2022 and has already welcomed hundreds of visitors and businesses to showcase how working with us can help to catalyse your innovation.


  • Materials Synthesis Laboratory with walk-in fume hoods
  • Materials Evaluation for sample processing
  • Materials testing and analysis
  • Category 6 Clean Room environment
  • Data processing environment
  • Professional Development Centre
  • Open Innovation Lounge
The Bridge building
A man loading a sample into a Raman.


Our laboratories are bespoke, ensuring we can meet the needs of fast-paced industry and address your advanced materials needs and that of the wider UK’s manufacturing sector. Our advanced equipment facilitates R&D in our key technology areas including:

  • Manipulating materials, surfaces and interfaces
  • Designing formulated materials and interrogating ingredient interactions
  • Controlling crystallisation and ordering in materials structure
  • Energy capture and storage through control of material electronic properties
  • Green processes including new replacement chemistries, waste valorisation methods and process circularisation

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a structure carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle; something that makes it easier to make a change from one situation to another.

Work with us to drive innovation in your business and join our growing networks of science and engineering professionals.

Bridge is a forum for knowledge exchange facilitating business-to-business and business-to academia engagements. We help you access technologies and methods at the forefront of research to create R&D solutions, to provide effective problem solving and to develop your workforce through accredited training.

About The Project
Two people sharing a sample of rubber

Bridge provides access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and laboratory workspaces. Our scientists and engineers are experienced in delivering cutting edge insight into advanced materials, including:

  • Morphology, topology and elemental composition and distribution using advanced electron microscopy
  • Surface speciation and performance with advanced atomic force microscopy and tribology testing methods
  • Molecular speciation, stability and transformation with advanced molecular spectroscopy, chromatography, and mass spectrometry
  • Materials structure and process modification with in-situ X-ray diffraction and thermo-spectroscopic methods
  • Simulating and correlating product performance with innovative computational methods
A man working on a TEM

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