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Exemplar Studies

Exemplar Studies

As a catalyst for innovation, Bridge works with industry to deliver commercial projects that support businesses with their R&D, innovation, process and product improvement, and new product development. The Case Studies demonstrate some of these projects and showcase how we have worked with industry, using our materials characterisation and engineering instrumentation and R&D expertise, to deliver commercial benefits.

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Case Study

Brigg Renewable Energy Plant

Brigg Renewable Energy Plant (BREP) is a power plant producing renewable energy using combustion of biomass. The process generates solid residues which can build-up during combustion and cause blockages, ultimately resulting in unplanned shutdowns. Over time this can lead to loss of revenue due to reduced energy output.

Application Note

Crystallinity of Plastics using NMR Spectroscopy

It has been demonstrated that solid-state NMR is an effective and efficient approach to determine the degree of crystallinity in plastic samples.

Case Study


Micronclean are a leading global supplier of clean room equipment and garments based in Lincolnshire, UK. Due to the challenging and highly-regulated environments Micronclean’s products are required to operate in, product quality and process control are paramount to Micronclean.

Case Study


Microcapture use a novel micro-encapsulation technology to create a storage and delivery mechanism for a range of potential applications such as fragrance release and anti-microbial delivery on demand.

Case Study

Fenner Precision Polymers

Fenner Precision Polymers, a Michelin Group Company, based in the heart of Lincoln, UK, develop and manufacture elastomeric materials for a range of industrial applications.

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